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Visual Manufacturing Barcoding
RF Plus
Wireless, real time, full featured inventory control in one configurable application.
RF Plus™ allows for wireless, real-time inventory, from the receipt of goods at the dock doors, to raw materials, to the shop floor, to the warehouse and back to the dock doors for shipping in one
configurable package. It includes new and welcomed functionality for Inbound, WIP, RF Inventory and Outbound processes. RF Plus™ supports Visual, Microsoft Navision, Tomax, WDS and a host of other ERP’s. It can integrate your existing ERP/MRP or run independently. It works with all brands of data collection devices and standard wireless infrastructure.
RF Plus™- Learn how RF Plus™ can save you time and money
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Visual Manufacturing Barcoding
10% + reduction on inventory levels
35% reduction of inventory carrying costs
20% improvement in material handling productivity
50% reduction in costs for physical inventory counts
10 - 20 % improvement in inventory accuracy
Billing cycle reduction by several days
Portable Barcode Scanner

Bar Code Scanning
Receiving and Put Away
Pick and Issue Materials
ASN and License Plating
Label Printing
Warehouse Transfers
Inventory Lookups
Gang/Wave Picking
Staging and Shipping
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