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The Four PillarsTM of Mobility

Pillar 1: Security

As more work is being done outside the four walls, the successful completion of that work is often tied to providing that person(s) with the right information at the right time. This means transmitting confidential company information across a WiFi or public network onto a portable device. Data once moved outside the four walls is now vulnerable to being eavesdropped during transmission or having the portable device and/or the data being stolen.

Therefore an essential part of mobility is developing a mobile security strategy around the data during transmission and while it is stored on the device. Security for wireless devices is quite different from a hardwired computing device housed within the four walls.

Security lock down your wireless network and protect data on your mobile devices
Management remotely manage and track all your printers, wireless devices, and infrastructure
Service our certified engineers keep your devices up and running with minimal downtime
Software our proven, robust software specially designed for mobile workforces
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