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Equipment Leasing & Financing

qdata can offer you a variety of leasing options when purchasing your hardware needs.

What Is Lease Financing?
The principal difference between lease and loan financing is that a funding company purchases the asset you require and then ‘leases’ the equipment to you on a monthly basis for a predetermined period of time.

When you want to pay low monthly fees, save money and also have some of the following objectives in mind, lease financing is your best decision.

  • Control over your cash flows and working capital
  • Spread the sales tax over the lease period
  • Improve your financial ratios
  • Obtain the use of a piece of equipment for a short term contract
  • Protection from equipment devaluation or obsolescence
At the end of the lease period, you return the equipment to the funding company unless negotiated options have been arranged.

Equipment Leased

  • Handheld Scanners & Imagers
  • Industrial Computers
  • Mobile Computers
  • Online Scanning Systems
  • Printers
  • Hardware Accessories
  • Software
  • And more!
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